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m caseyadded this listing ...

For sale 12 lanes used 1" thick flat gutters. AMF 48" length. $65.00 per lane. Contact Mike at

Ron Bartz(Elgin, North Dakota, US)added this listing ...

How come I cannot read the entire message since web site was updated. - Answer - Long comments get truncated.  There is a small down arrow at the bottom of the comment - click it and it will expand to display the whole thing....

Elgin Bowling Lanes(Elgin, Ontario, Canada)added this listing ...

I am looking to purchase 4 lanes of synthetic approach (I already have A1 panels for the lanes). Would be looking for approaches/ fill that go as far as the foul line. I can pick up in Ontario/ Quebec and north eastern U.S. 613-929-2695

Keith Gilbert(Parrottsville, Tennessee, US)added this listing ...

Gemini Silver Bullet Lane machine. Removed a few solenoids, can be for parts, or repaired to work in house.

Steven Kolarchickadded this listing ...

Contents of 34 lane Bowling Center

Today, 05:10 PM

34 Brunswick JetBack Pinsetters

17 Brunswick 2000 ball rack and lifts

34 Lanes of AccuScore XL scoring with Perfect Desk

17 High Top Tables on Concourse 88” long 26” wide 42” high

26 low round tables with 4 stools per table

18 dividers (small walls)

8 lanes of booth seating (inside partition)

24 lanes of durabowl bumper gutters

10 lanes of wood gutters

34 lanes wood ball and division capping

34 lanes brunawick masking units with custom graphic inserts

34 lanes of first Generation synthetic Anvil lanes with pindecks and approaches

14 banks of lockers

74 cases of misc pins (inside machines)

Partition wall with curtain for private events dimension of wall are 93” high 25’ long and it has a 36” doorway

and all other contents of building.

check out photos here


contact Steve with any questions