The Schmid SW-1 5 Pin string pinsetter is arguably one of the best and most robust string pinsetter ever built. Anyone that owns them knows the mechanics are rugged and reliable.  

Problem being that the original relays and associated parts are becoming difficult if not impossible to find.  This leaves owners stuck with a great machine that they can't keep running any longer. 


What to do?









In 2000 Joystick Scoring started manufacturing new replacement Low Voltage boxes for the SW-1 5 pin machines.  After a couple of years we hit a road block when we could no longer get the 9 pin connector for new boxes. What to do?

Together with JD Bowling Services Ltd. we are now pleased to offer a complete electronic upgrade for your existing SW-1 5 pin low voltage boxes.

Now you can combine your great machines with time tested, proven electronics to get the best of both worlds!

Upgrade your SW-1 Low Voltage Boxes Today!





- Reasonable Price - Why repair when you can replace for not much more?

- Plug & Play - No re-wiring or extra wiring needed

- Automatic Scoring Ready

- Digital display.

- Consistent timing.

- LED diagnostic indicators.

- Superior Solid State Reliability.

- Available for full size or half size boxes 



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