Pro-Foul Sensor & Reflector Conversion Kit     


You can now breathe new life into your old Pro-Foul 500, Pro-Foul 2000 or Pro-Foul 2001 foul light system.

Keep your Pro-Foul power box where it is and just replace the old IRU and IEU boards (red boards and white boards) with a Redline IR sensor.

The conversion comes complete with a reflector and pluggable screw terminal to connect to the old wiring.

The Pro-Foul Sensor kit will convert your existing Pro-Foul in minutes and give it many more years of life.


This is the simplest and most cost effective way to upgrade your Pro-Foul foul system.

Redline Sensors will easily fit in any place the IRU and IEU were installed.

Above, you can see one inside an old Gold Crown foul light case.




Need to know more? Download the complete installation manual here!

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