This Canadian General Electric (CGE) catalog is an example of big business capitalizing on the efforts of the radio pioneers. Most of these radios were also marketed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

The catalog gives us a wonderful snapshot of the variety of radios produced by CGE and RCA in the mid to late twenties.  It is complete with prices and financing for anybody desperate to part with their money and participate in the "Golden Age of Radio".

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I still remember hanging out at the local radio repair shop trying to learn the secrets of radio repair.

Every corner store had a tube tester - with that huge meter to indicate your tube's fate.  Routinely testing your tubes to insure optimum reception became big business.

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The desire to have low cost radios fostered the do it your self hobbyist.  Many hobby magazines featured interesting do it yourself articles for the radio enthusiast.



See some of my radios here!  Each has a story of its own.  Just like this little man from a 1964 DDR (the now defunct East Germany) postage stamp.

This stamp reminds me of the time I nearly got electrocuted on the roof of my parents house (I was 16 or 17 at the time) - fooling around with my antennae arrays...






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